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disco milk is the collaborative identity of Hannah Ecker and Jess Lane, who, after graduating from MTU (Munster Technologial University) in the middle of a global pandemic, decided to make use of their degree and abundance of time now spent indoors to create their very own studio.

Driven by creativity, transparency, and a not too serious attitude towards design, we hope to work for businesses that share our values in sustainability, inclusivity and equality and share our goal to create brands that have a positive impact on the world around us.

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Jess Lane

Meet Jess! A multimedia designer passionate about creating brand identities that embrace a playful design style conveying a sense of positivity. She loves to combine narrative, technical ability and visual skills to create brands. Born and raised in Cork, Jess graduated with a bachelor's degree in visual communications from MTU (Munster Technological University) and specialises in graphic design and animation. She likes to work from her windowsill in Cork City to catch some rays of vitamin D so she can be in the best mood to create nice brands for nice people.

photograph of Hannah Ecker

Hannah Ecker

Meet Hannah! A young, creative, IDI graduate award winning designer. Fascinated by a large variety of creative fields, her main passions are branding, typography and web design. Having graduated from MTU (Munster Technological University) with a Visual Communications degree and with design experience locally as well as in Italy and Germany, Hannah loves taking on a whole range of projects, enjoying getting crafty just as much as creating clean, bold designs. She is also a big advocate for sustainability, equity and kindness, values which are often reflected in her work.

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