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Jumper Day is Cork Simon and South East Simon’s largest annual fundraiser. It is active from the 18th of October until mid-December. During this time, corporates, communities,  schools and individuals sign up to host their own Cork Simon or South East Simon Christmas Jumper Day. Everyone participating on the day is invited to wear their Christmas Jumpers , donate and have fun doing a variety of Christmas-fun-style activities for extra festive cheer, such as bake offs, games, quizzes and competitions.

The aim of this project was to refresh the Jumper Day branding and creating a campaign that is fun, bold, joyful, festive and representative of Jumper Day. It needed to be people-focused and community-orientated, whilst keeping the fundraising for homelessness central.

girl lying upside down on big yellow chair earing a santa hatJumper Day banner showing two kids with santa hatsJumper Day typographyJumper Day poster on wood table surrounded by Christmas itemsJumper Day posterJumper Day guide on wood tableCork Simon infographicCork Simon infographicphone showing an instagram post
Jumper Day promotional gif
letter to santa on table