The People’s Land Trust


Branding, Social Media, Web Design

PLoT (The Peoples Land Trust) is a social art project that brings together participants, collaborators and co-creators in Cork City’s Northside to engage in collective strategies and artistic methodologies to reimagine the future city.

The project explores issues of urban land use & custodianship for the next 200 years that transcend individual needs and considers wider ethical questions, through the model of a Community Land Trust (CLT).

We partnered with PLoT to create a new brand identity that represented the project values, taking inspiration from 1960s constructivist design to capture a strong and socially engaging visual tone.  The launch of the ‘radical’ school,  events and workshops which took place over Summer 2021 were the core pillars of what was to inspire the visual direction which was reflected through the use of a strong colour palette and bold, modular abstract shapes.

PLoT posterPLoT graphic bannerred banner with white PLoT logo

The visual direction was based on the visual keys given during our first meetings such as a paired back 60’s constructivist style, an architectural form with hints of organic features, strong, simplistic and modular. the branding is intended to help the People’s Land Trust look and sound like a leader, aiming for a more versatile approach than its previous identity. It lends a unified, rallying cry to the project’s branding.

blue stylised photo of a wooden cartblue graphic saying "planting seeds for ideas"

The Rovers are three purpose built carts that offer multiple interactive possibilities for wandering and coming together for civic hospitality, exchange and creativity. Beginning in July 2021, the Rovers support the nomadic, social and situated nature of the radical school. Across various locations in the north-side of Cork City, PLoT School will run a summer school programme of community situated meetings, workshops, talks, screenings, readings and creative actions in relation to future urban land use.

We sub-branded each of the carts with a different colour to make it distinguishable from the overall brand of the radical school while keeping the same brand rules to mirror the rest of the branding.

mockup of the PLoT website on a laptop
collage of people looking at a shape filled with flowersPLoT social media mockup
collagehands holding paper with dried plants